18th February 2009

18 February, February 2009 MeasurementCamp - Kindly hosted by Hill & Knowlton (thanks to Gaylene Ravenscroft @ravenscroft)

Overall Summary:

A very posh building.

Group Discussions:

Group 1

Group 2

  • Talk to your client upfront about what you can measure and importantly what you can't
  • How do we get more integration into the analytics systems of our client's pages?
  • Why aren't we using older tools like surveys and panels more?
  • Start with what your client measures, then educate during the process and include 'newer' measurements
  • Should we include measurements that won't be understoof when passed up the chain of command in the client's company?
  • When do you stop measuring?
  • Make sure your unique, trackable URL isn't given out anywhere else in the comms!

Group 3

Group 4

This was the group with Ross, Janet, Jez, Mark and others - campaign to drive awareness of an employer brand, and drive traffic to a recruitment microsite.

  • Competition on the site would drive online buzz through forums, blogs etc.
  • Employee referral scheme would be driven through a downloadable form, and equip present team members with a unique URL
  • Competition buzz and general employer brand sentiment measured via online monitoring tools, but also through traditional style focus groups, and by the recruitment team when talking to candidates. Combining number-driven analysis with more anecdotal, human info.
  • Referral activity could be measured by the number of referees, and by tracking the URL - this opens up the idea of competition, with employees proactively gaining referrals to become the top referrer.
  • Key measurement would be collected by onsite team by way of applicant volume.


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