23rd April 2009

Thursday 23rd April, 10.00 am - 12.00 pm at We Are Social, The Qube, 90 Whitfield St, London, W1T 4EZ

The Start
Quick intros in small groups
'how we did it' presentation on measuring social media in real-world campaigns
Small-ish workgroups working on other current or recent real-world scenarios volunteered by attendees
Micro-highlights on any key findings or facts from the workgroups (vs. every single moment of that workgroup's existence)
The End.

Attendees [Insert your name here using 'Edit' button at very bottom of page on the right - no need to login!]

Brendan Cooper, http://twitter.com/brendancooper, http://brendancooper.com
Oli Shaw, Creative / Strategy / Planner, olishaw.co.uk @olishaw
Chris Dickens - Digital Media veteran @cravendickens https://twitter.com/CravenDickens
James Norris - Mobile Marketing / Social Media Strategist for Nitro Mobile / Nitro Ventures
Helen Lawrence - Dare Digital http://twitter.com/helenium
Roger Jones, http://twitter.com/rogerjones28, http://www.twentyfirst.com/
Mauricio Samayoa, ex-Burson http://www.mauriciosamayoa.com :: http://twitter.com/msamayoa
Joe Turner- Digit (http://www.digitlondon.com)
Caroline Clancy - Manning Gottlieb OMD
Tamara Cross - Manning Gottlieb OMD
Caroline Teunissen - Head London
Rob Shepherd - Press Dispensary @robshepherd
Charley Hayes - Lexis PR
Claire Watson - Wunderman
Jane Sinclair - TUI
Katie Moffat - http://twitter.com/katiemoffat
Michael Blowers, Media Evaluation Research, http://www.meresearch.co.uk :: http://twitter.com/michaelblowers
Dan Thornton, http://www.twitter.com/badgergravling http://www.thewayoftheweb.net http://www.140char.com
Chris Reed, Fishburn Hedges, @chris_reed thegingermonkey
Will McInnes, NixonMcInnes, @willmcinnes NixonMcInnes
Jordan Stone, Text 100 | Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog
Catherine Pymar, Text 100 | Twitter
Janet Parkinson, BrandsEye @JanetParkinson
Andy Keetch @special_noodles Content&Motion
Julio Romo - PR Consultant, twofourseven : @twofourseven Blog Linkedin
Stephen Cribbett, Dub, @scribbett Dub
Nathan McDonald, We Are Social
Laura Fletcher (3Sixty, Bristol)
Pete Fairhurst (3Sixty, Bristol) | Twitter | LinkedIn
Simon Mustoe, iCrossing, [http://www.twitter.com/simonmustoe]
Tamsin Hemingray, iCrossing [http://www.twitter.com/tamsinbishton ]
Richard Stacy - [http://richardstacy.com]
David Hughes, iCrossing [http://www.twitter.com/ralphsparkle][http://connect.icrossing.co.uk/]
Dan Rutherford, Outside Line [http://www.outsideline.com]
Kevin Maguire, Outside Line [http://www.outsideline.com]
Laura Johnson, Pegasus PR
Jez Nicholson [http://twitter.com/jnicho02]
Berit Block [http://twitter.com/DigitalBerit]
Simon Collister | Weber Shandwick | www.simoncollister.com | http://twitter.com/simoncollister
Ben Moreau, Techlightenment [http://www.twitter.com/benderelly]
Richard Ireland, Techlightenment [http://www.twitter.com/richardireland]
Steve Pole, Techlightenment [http://www.twitter.com/stevepole]
Josh Hallett, Voce Communications [http://www.vocenation.com/]
Shanee Ben-Zur, Voce Communications [http://www.vocenation.com/]
Naomi Dulfer, Interaction London http://twitter.com/naomidulfer
Julia Eilon, Freelance [http://www.linkedin.com/in/juliaeilon]
Nick Garner, Search/Social media Manager [http://www.betfair.com]
Ari Last, Betfair [http://www.betfair.com]
Dominic Hawken http://del.tv | http://twitter.com/domhawken
Jeremy Farmer http://www.yardstickpr.com | http://www.twitter.com/jezfarmer
Stephen McCurry [http://www.betfair.com]
Tom Granger - Publicis Consultants PR
James Spiller, Online Research, [http://www.precise.co.uk/]
John V Willshire, PHD, @willsh, http://feedingthepuppy.typepad.com
Michael Clarke @redmedicine, [http://greenteaicecream.co.uk on occasion
Ian Delaney [http://www.nmk.co.uk]
Drew Benvie, Hotwire [http://twitter.com/drewb]
Tim Callington, Edelman [http://twitter.com/timcallington]
Mobbie Nazir, Fishburn Hedges [http://twitter.com/mobbie]
Simon Whatley, tmg, http://twitter.com/whatterz, http://www.tmg.co.uk and on occasion http://www.simonwhatley.co.uk

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