Best Practice

1. Starting a Client Project

The beginnings of a checklist for getting a social media campaign off the ground.

  • Firstly, establish a realistic range of:
    • goals
    • tools
    • measurement
  • Take an audit of the current situation (and repeat, during and at the end of the campaign)
  • Take responsibility for educating the client
  • Frame the process ahead
  • Explain the potential problems and limitations (eg. what they cannot have without certain tools or analytics)
  • Obtain internal information to include (demographics, analytics, etc.)
  • Don't forget the power of tried-and-tested methodologies (sampling, surveys, etc.)
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Consider using paid-for monitoring tools, for advanced measurement

And an additional, contentious consideration: doing what it takes to make the client happy, over how you think things should be done?!

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