Dublin Client Brief

For tomorrow's measurement camp we will split into groups and work through a fictional client brief (below). Please have a look at this beforehand and come armed with thoughts and ideas! The emphasis will be on measurement, rather than the creative behind the campaign.

Client Brief - KSwift

K-Swift are a shoe company that typically target young males, aged 18-30. They are keen to widen their appeal and change their brand image, by launching a new line, aimed at 18-30 yr old women.

The client has an offline marketing campaign which includes traditional PR, television and print advertising, in-store promotions and competition giveaways.

You have been brought in to implement the online campaign, which includes media spend as well as your fees. They are keen to tap into the areas and sites where their target market are active online. KSwift would have clear KPIs but there is opportunity to set your own KPIs, room for creativity and the possibility to integrate offline and online behaviour.

Consider :

* What your campaign would involve (this can be kept quite broad)
* What measures are necessary before, during, and after the campaign
* How you would integrate online marketing with offline
* How you would demonstrate to the client that the campaign has worked – what does ‘success’ look like?
* Are there any 'traditional' marketing measures that can be applied to your campaign?
* The benefits of online marketing compared to offline (how would you justify the online budget for the next campaign?)
* What problems might arise for demonstrating the value of your campaign.

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