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Writing academic essays become very difficult task to all. You have to check main points when writing academic essays. Topic is the main point of essays. Topic must be unique and valid for writing. Academic teachers and professors published some journals about cleaning; you can read it as reference. Many students are getting more stress when writing their academic essay, this way you can lead writing.

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understanding natural principles is very important

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One of the many reasons why hopeful motor home owners like to buy new motor homes is because of the pride that is associated with owning a motor home. This pride is the same pride that is associated with buying a new car instead of a used one…………………

by Winnebago (guest), 18 Dec 2010 05:15

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Campervans and Motorhomes provide a unique global booking service for the hire of late model vehicles for holiday travel, Get amongst nature in easy to drive and park campervans for budget rental. Comfortable beds, lots of storage, massive side awning, complete kitchen.


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Dissertation Writing
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Are you also among most of those afraid of your dissertation writing assignment desperately need dissertation help? But let me console you of the fact that there is nothing much difficult about dissertation except of gaining confidence on yourself and your research skills. This will lead you to select good topics for your dissertation. A good is specific and interesting enough to elaborate on.

Moreover, for best dissertation grades, you need to be well-versed of a correct dissertation structure. A common dissertation structured preferred by most of the universities are as follows:

Dissertation Title Page
Dissertation Acknowledgement
Dissertation Abstract Page
Dissertation Introduction
Dissertation Literature Review
Dissertation Methodology
Dissertation Data Analysis & Results
Dissertation Conclusion/Future Outlook
References & Appendixes

For each of the above dissertation chapter we need to follow the correct structure and organization. And more important thing to consider is a citation style as per the guidelines of your supervisor. The most common citation styles are:


Make sure that you follow the guidelines provided by your University & your supervisor with respect to your dissertation assignment.

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I brought this up as a question in a previous measurementcamp….should we eat our own dog food by publishing measurements of measurementcamp?

If so, then what metrics are important and which techniques should we use?

Popularity may not be the important metric, maybe it is influence?

Design patterns are used in computer programming to pass on experience. The idea is to present a technique in it's general form so that it can be used in a number of different situations. see

A common format is:

  • Pattern Name and Classification: A descriptive and unique name that helps in identifying and referring to the pattern.
  • Intent: A description of the goal behind the pattern and the reason for using it.
  • Also Known As: Other names for the pattern.
  • Motivation (Forces): A scenario consisting of a problem and a context in which this pattern can be used.
  • Applicability: Situations in which this pattern is usable; the context for the pattern.
  • Structure: A graphical representation of the pattern. Class diagrams and Interaction diagrams may be used for this purpose.
  • Participants: A listing of the classes and objects used in the pattern and their roles in the design.
  • Collaboration: A description of how classes and objects used in the pattern interact with each other.
  • Consequences: A description of the results, side effects, and trade offs caused by using the pattern.
  • Implementation: A description of an implementation of the pattern; the solution part of the pattern.
  • Sample Code: An illustration of how the pattern can be used in a programming language
  • Known Uses: Examples of real usages of the pattern.
  • Related Patterns: Other patterns that have some relationship with the pattern; discussion of the differences between the pattern and similar patterns.

We could produce a set of design patterns that make up a 'play book' of measurable techniques.

e.g. 1

  • Pattern Name and Classification: A/B Testing.
  • Intent: A statistically significant proportion of customers are presented with a different offering so that the two sets of results can be compared to ascertain which is more effective.
  • Also Known As: Sample group.
  • Motivation (Forces): A sports clothing company believes that customers are abandoning the online store before making purchases because there are too many steps before final purchase. Not everyone in the Marketing department is convinced that this is the real problem.
  • Applicability: …… etc.

e.g. 2

  • Pattern Name and Classification: Balanced Scorecard.
  • Intent: 'Success' can be measured from a number of different metrics. Taking them solely from sales can lead to an unbalanced overall approach, whereas pulling operational, marketing and developmental inputs helps provide a more comprehensive view of a business, which in turn helps organizations act in their best long-term interests.
design patterns by Jez NicholsonJez Nicholson, 27 Apr 2009 13:37

thanks, interesting link, agreed its not likley to be very reliable, but nice of a dipstick test

Re: Twitrratr by OlishawOlishaw, 03 Mar 2009 09:11

I've just been sent this -; looks kinda interesting. It's supposed to measure sentiment around keywords in Twitter. I'm sure it's not very reliable, but interesting nonetheless.

Twitrratr by heleniumhelenium, 24 Feb 2009 13:19

The next camp will be at Dare Digital, from 10:30 till 12:30
13-14 Margaret St

You can sign up here - and here -


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