How to help

There are 4 main ways you can help MeasurementCamp succeed.

1. Participate
2. Do tasks
3. Present your knowledge and ideas
4. Host us in your office space

1. Participate

Just sign up at the Events page, turn up, roll your sleeves up and be ready to contribute

2. Do tasks

There are always jobs to do.
Find the latest list on the Tasks page

3. Presenters

  • Thank you for sharing your stuff!
  • Powerpoint is easiest
  • Please bring on USB stick
  • 10 mins is the usual duration for presentations
  • Keep it snappy, bite-sized but not necessarily 'dumb' - push us :)
  • Ideally, practice it for timing at least once (if you can't, then assume 1 minute per slide as a rule)
  • Absolutely no pitching - you will get stopped which is embarrassing for everyone
  • Please explain buzzwords and techniques in grannyspeak
  • We do not tend to accept presentations from outside our networks - the best way 'in' is through our people

4. Hosts

  • Thank you for hosting us!
  • Just a space is enough but if you want to rilly rilly helpful*:
  • As many flip charts and functioning pens as you can get your hands on - minimum 4 flip charts ideally (you can buy portable Post-It flipcharts!)
  • Coffees and teas
  • Biscuits
  • Digital projector and wall/screen
    • If you can't provide any of these, don't worry but do let us know and we'll see if someone else can contribute or bring along!

For any queries, write to @measurementcamp on Twitter and we will respond.

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