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* What licence should we put this all out under? GPL? Creative Commons?

* Social Media sites can take on many forms and the useful measurements for a site like wikipedia would probably be very different to those for amazon or youtube or somebody's blog. Is the idea of this project to find common metrics that are valid to all of these sites or will it be a case of dividing various aspects commonly found in Social Media sites (eg comments, PMs, wiki editing, ratings) and deciding on the best ways to measure each of these areas? - Is it a bit of both? If we find ways of measuring the various aspects found in social media sites, then find which aspects, of that group, are applicable to which kind of site. That could have a side-effect of highlighting which aspects were most valuable, and perhaps ways of then developing some social media tools to make improved use of those aspects.

* I recently measured something. London Wikipedians ranked by most recent edit. There was a very practical reason why I wanted to measure this, and I wrote a simple little bot to gather the data. Does this count as an example of "measuring social media"? — Harry Wood - 13th May 2008

* Is there a need to bring Influence/Sentiment/ Buzz (digital) measurement together with traditional focus group market research to ensure the intelligence gathered has familar signposts for clients struggling to see the value in digital measurement?

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