Session III Notes - Top Down RoI


Outcome Application Example
Awareness Content Distribution / Seeding with key influencers Blogger Outreach eg Penguin giving books to bloggers
SEO/SMO Benefits - Blogs, Content Distribution, Presence Ford Focus SM Pic
Open new channels to people WineLibrary
Enable sharing & discovery Facilitate use of Stumbleupon,
Acquisition Usefulness / Being Helpful as a means of attracting attention TopShop FashionFix
Member Get Member referrals, Vouchers etc via SM Thresher, GAP
Advocacy Usefulness / Being Helpful in purchasing decisions
- Recommendation / Ratings / Reviews Bazaarvoice
Building Brand Ambassadors (Recognition of Audience as people)
Action Aggregated Buying discounts
Loyalty based benefits


Outcome Application Example
Pick up Signs of Churn Social Media generates high volume of customer data that can be analysed for signs of defection BT Labs software
Social Media increases number of listening channels – more data, customer feels more valued Blog, Twitter, Facebook etc
Pre-Empting Churn Enables peer meeting places Chinwag online / offline
Distributed Customer Services, “always on” – more “moments of truth” with customer Updates to me wherever I am
Q&A / P2P problem solving Eg Forums
Offsite Customer Service Eg Comcast listening on Twitter
Advocates PSP launch, Zappos
Increasing Lifecycle Access to real people in multiple environments – creates trust Social spaces, twittering
Rewards and Karma based on contributions Rate (E Europe, pay to give karma)
Involvement in solving issues Co-Creation Lego, Dell Mindstorm
Fix it with your fellows
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