Wednesday 4th November 2009

Next Event

Wednesday 4th November, 10 am - 12 pm; Venue: The Good Agency, 8 Boundary Row, London, SE1 8HP

Strictly no pets, under 19s or angry people


  • The Start
  • Quick intros in small groups
  • 'how we did it' presentation on measuring social media in real-world campaigns
  • Small-ish workgroups working on other current or recent real-world scenarios volunteered by attendees
  • Micro-highlights on any key findings or facts from the workgroups (vs. every single moment of that workgroup's existence)
  • The End.

Your presenters this month :)

  • Fiona
  • Lance
  • Clarvis

Pankaj LinkedIn

* Selena Chan @SelenaChanLive | LinkedIn apologies, will attend the next one!

* David Wood @thedavewood sorry guys - unexpected hospital appointment :(

* Kayleigh Stoneage @kaystoneage apologies, will attend the next one!

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